The Saber Expert Puzzle - A Blox Fruits Step By Step Guide - Codes Abode (2024)

Sometimes there comes a time where everyone wishes how you can do something, “How do I do Saber Expert Puzzle in Blox Fruits” is one them.

That is why we welcome you to our Step By Step Guide on The Saber Expert Puzzle / Quest. In this guide we will show you every step of the Puzzle with pictures, explanation as well as with videos too.

Just like you, we are die hard fans of Blox Fruits and we love to go on new adventures and quests. But sometimes they are a bit complicated and you will have to figure out things on your own which requires a lot of dedication and time. To tackle this problem we created this guide. So without waiting any more lets begin with the guide on The Saber Expert Puzzle.

Part 1 : The Green Buttons on The Jungle Island of Blox Fruits

On the Jungle Islands there are 5 green buttons hidden. Some, are on the trees and some are hidden under bushes or behind walls and rocks. So, we will show where the exact location of these green buttons is.

The first button you will find is on a tree. You need to go on the right side of the island gate. There on one of the trees, facing towards the gate you will see a dark green button. Just jump to touch it and it will glow up. Now let’s go to the next one.

To find the second button you need to go to the left side of the Jungle gate. It will be partially covered under a bush. Just stand on top of the button & it will start glowing.

Now to find the third button, go to the nearby forest island where the Gorilla is present. On this Island at the edge of the island just at the right side of the Gorilla, you will find the next button. Stand on the button again & it will be activated.

The fourth button is present across the river. Again you will have to move to the edge. The button is on the ground near the ocean near the boat docking platform. Stand on the button and it will glow up.

Now for the 5th and last button, go to the center of the same island of Gorilla. It is given on a tree. Jump to activate it.

Congratulations,you have successfully activated all the green buttons. This will open a secret doorway where you will find a riddle and a torch.

Part 2 : The Riddle, The Torch and The Desert Island

After you have activated all the green buttons, you get an access to a secret chamber. To find this secret chamber, go to the center building where the quest giver is present. Near him there will be a stairway. Go down through that stairway. There will be a door to the secret chamber. there you will go find a riddle and a torch. The riddle says,

Lands of sand, My home does stand, Now dark and Grim, Bring Light within.

This means you will have to bring the Torch to the Desert Island into a secret chamber. Go to the Desert Island.

In the Desert Island, look for a distorted house with a red door. Enter the house and down the stairs, you will see a door made of straws. Use the Torch to burn that door.

After the door is burned, you will enter into the hidden chamber where you will find another clue in the form of a riddle. Beside this riddle, there will be a Golden Cup placed nearby. You are to bring this golden cup to the next destination to complete the given riddle. The riddle says,

“If power you seek, Fill the cup from a leak, Left alone in the cold, Is a story to be told.”

This is the clue for the next step which means that you have to bring the golden cup and feed the sick man.

Part 3 : The Golden Cup & The Sick Man

The Saber Expert Puzzle - A Blox Fruits Step By Step Guide - Codes Abode (1)

Now for the 3rd part, bring the golden cup with you to the frozen village. There, go to the hidden cave where the Ability Teacher resides. In the cave, water is dripping from the roof. Fill the cup under these drips.

The next step involves finding the Sick Man. He will be in one of the houses near the ‘Shop NPC’. Offer the Sick Man the water from the Golden Cup. The Sick Man will thank you and ask you to meet his son so that he can reward you.

The video for this step is in the later part of the video shared in the Part-2

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Part 4 : The Rich Man & The Mob Leader & The Relic

After you have helped the sick man at the Frozen Village, you need to go find his to get the reward. The name of the son of Sick Man is “Rich Man”. You will find him at North Eastern end of the Pirate Island. Go talk to him. The Rich Man will ask you to defeat the Mob Leader who has looted the Rich Man.

The Mob Leader is found on the “Jean Luc Island”. This is a secret Island near the Marine Fortress. The Jean Luc Island is a very small Island which holds only a single hall like cave where you will find the Mob Leader.

Mob Leader is a Level 120 boss who is quite powerful. Defeat him and go back to the Rich Man to collect the reward you were promised.

The Rich Man will reward you with a Relic, which will open a secret chamber at the Jungle Island where you will fight your last opponent.

Part 5 : The Saber Expert inside the Secret Chamber

Bring the Relic you got from the Rich Man to the Jungle Island. Go to the tower where the Blox Fruits Gacha is available. Near the stairs of the tower, on a wall there will be a relic shape drawn. Place the relic there and a mysterious door will appear right at that place. Go inside to find your next and last opponent.

Inside the mysterious chamber, there will The Saber Expert. He is a Level 200 boss and a formidable swordsman. Fight him with caution. After you defeat him, he will drop the Saber Swords and if you are above Level 300, you will also become eligible to purchase the Instinct from the Instinct Teacher – The Hidden NPC at the Upper Skylands.

Tip : The Saber Expert is an expert swordsman, so if you are not able to defeat him then keep striking him from outside the chamber. The Saber Expert can not escape his chamber.

Furthermore, if the Saber Expert is not available inside the chamber then try restarting the game or server hopping. Probably he is already defeated by someone else on that server. But, he will again appear after sometimes or will be readily available on some other server.

The Saber Expert Puzzle - A Blox Fruits Step By Step Guide - Codes Abode (2024)
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