How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (2024)

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (1)

A US passport appointment can be hard to get. But if you need a new passport, you have no choice. You have to visit either a regional passport agency or a local passport application acceptance facility.

There is a good reason for this. First-time applicants must sign their DS-11 application for a new passport in front of an Acceptance Agent. They must also swear an oath. These are key requirements for a new passport. These must be done at a passport agency or center. No one else can do these on your behalf.

There are 2 ways to make a passport appointment online. Your choice depends on how quickly you need your new passport:

  • Routine passport processing appointments are available online through the United States Postal Service. Users can use the online appointment scheduler to apply for a new passport in person at an application acceptance facility. We detail each of the steps of this process in the next section.

    Both individual and family appointments are available. Some locations offer passport photo services, as well.

    That said, the more services and applications involved with your appointment, the more time it will take, especially if each person needs a passport photo taken. As a result, you may have to try multiple locations before finding one with the number of consecutive available appointments you need to submit your applications.

    Be advised: Routine passport processing time is currently taking 6 to 8 weeks. This does not include delivery times. Our expert advice is to apply early. If you know you are going to be traveling internationally, plan to get your passport as soon as possible.

  • Expedited passport processing appointments are only for those who need to get a passport expedited at a regional agency in 2 to 3 weeks. Online scheduling is no longer available through the US Department of State. If you require expedited service for urgent travel, you will have to schedule by phone.

    According to the State Department website:

    Currently, the only way to schedule an appointment is to call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 (TDD/TTY 1-888-874-7793) from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Routine appointments are usually easier to get than those at regional passport agencies. Yet, you still may find it hard to get one depending on demand and the season. If you require an emergency passport appointment but are struggling to get one, you do have some additional options:

  • Contact the congressional liaison department for your state's representatives - Your congressperson may be able to help you get your passport application processed more quickly than you can on your own. Just like with other methods For more on this strategy, check out our guide to expediting a passport with your congressperson's help.
  • Attempt to get an appointment at a regional agency other than the one closest to you - Just because you have a regional passport agency nearby, doesn't mean that's where you have to go to apply for an urgent or emergency passport. You can always try to get an appointment at one of the 25 other agency locations (knowing it will require additional travel and costs).
  • Attempt to get a walk-in appointment at a regional agency - One of the little-known passport expediting secrets is that it is technically possible to show up at a regional passport agency without an appointment and still get your application processed. You will need to arrive at least an hour or more before the agency opens and wait in line. Your success will depend on the number of appointments and other applicants also trying to get a passport as a walk-in that day. This is a risky strategy, especially if your international travel plans hang in the balance.

What if you need a new passport fast?

Passport expediting services can help you get your new passport fast. However, an expediter can't get you out of the DS-11 signature or oath requirements. Even if you are using a passport expediting service to get a new passport fast, you will still need to make an appointment to sign your form in person.

The good news is that you can sign your DS-11 and complete your oath at one of the thousands of passport offices across the country. The form can then be mailed or handed to a passport expediting service. They will be able to rush your application to a regional passport agency for you.

Visit our guide to the top US passport expeditors to find a reliable and efficient expediting service that can help you get your travel documents on time.

How to Use the USPS Online Passport Appointment System: A Step-By-Step Guide

The United States Postal Service online passport appointment system is simple. In most cases, it is better than the previous system of requesting appointments by phone.

Here's how the online USPS scheduler works:

Step 1: Choose a Service

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (2)

The first step is to select the passport service you need from the drop-down menu.

There are four options:

  • New Passport Only
  • New Passport with Photo Service
  • Passport Photo Only
  • Passport Renewal

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (3)

If you select Passport Renewal, you will see the following message:

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (4)

This is because you do not need to apply in person to renew a passport. Check that you meet the requirements for a passport renewal. If you qualify, complete Form DS-82 and mail it to the address on the form. You can also choose to expedite your passport renewal if you need to.

Apply for a new passport if you need:

  • a first-time passport
  • a minor's passport
  • to replace a lost, stolen, or significantly damaged passport
  • to replace a passport that is over 15 years old
  • to replace a current passport that was issued before a person was age 16

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (5)

Next, select the total number of adult and minor applicants. For passport purposes, a minor is anyone under the age of 16.

You can select up to 6 adults and 6 minors for a single appointment.

Step 2: Choose Search Method

The online appointment system allows you to search by Location or Date. We recommend you search by Location first to find the passport offices nearest to you. If the nearest locations do not have available dates that work for you, try searching by date.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (6)

Know that the online system has some limitations:

  • The system does not include all the passport application acceptance facilities that exist.
  • The system does not show some offices. Some that are missing include public libraries, local government offices, and post offices that do not need an appointment.

Moving on. At this step, you can check the small box to include locations that offer photo services. This is an option even if you did not include this service in Step 1.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (7)

Next, you will see a list of passport application acceptance facilities within the radius you chose. On larger devices, maps will also appear. Hovering over the "i" icon next to a location will bring up a list of Appointment Hours (pictured below).

If you don't get any results, you need to increase the radius.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (8)

Once you find a location that has hours that work for you, click the "Select Location" button. A section will open for you to select a date.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (9)

A window will open with a calendar. Find the date you want to submit your passport application and click the "Select Date" button.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (10)

Step 3: Select a Time

Select an available time from the list. The schedule has 15-minute slots for each application. As such, you will need a longer appointment slot if you need many passports at once.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (11)

Once you make your selections, they will be listed on the page for you. Make a mistake? You can click the "Edit" link to make any changes.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (12)

Step 4: Provide Contact Information

Enter your first name, last name, telephone number, and e-mail address. You can also request to receive text message updates. This is a good way to make sure you get reminders and information about your appointment.

Be sure to check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions. You cannot make your appointment without doing so.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (13)

Review the Privacy Act Statement, then click the button to review your information.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (14)

Step 5: Review & Confirm Appointment Information

Before moving on, review everything. Make sure your personal information is correct. Confirm and note your chosen location, date, and time of your appointment. Once you're sure everything is good to go, click the button and confirm your appointment. You will receive a confirmation number that should be kept for your records.

How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (15)

If any information is incorrect, click the "Edit" link and make any necessary changes.

It's possible you can't get an appointment close enough or as soon as you need. If you need more choices than the online system offers, visit our passport facility directory. It includes a longer list of state-by-state listings to choose from.

If you need to apply for a passport by a specific date but no passport office near you has an appointment available, visit our passport facility directory for more options.

Step 6: Prepare for Your Appointment and Go

Once you have booked your appointment, all that's left is to gather your completed application, supporting documents (including your proof of citizenship documents), and payment (check or money order are always accepted, and most locations also accept credit and debit cards).

Verify you have everything you need and properly completed before going to your appointment. In some cases, errors may result in a denied application. That means you will have to start the process again, including making a new appointment.

You can check the U.S. State Department website for application status updates. Once your new passport has been issued, it will arrive in the mail. We recommend opting for rush delivery service via Priority Mail Express, which shortens the delivery time to 72 hours or less.

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How to Schedule Your US Passport Appointment Online (2024)
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