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Miguel Antonio Ordoñez Last updated: September 14th, 2020Discover everything you need to know about magic truffles. Learn about their effects, how to take them, how to prepare for your psychedelic trip, and more!


Just like magic mushrooms, magic truffles, also called psilocybin truffles or sclerotia, contain psilocybin and psilocin. These alkaloids are the substances responsible for catalysing a psychedelic trip. Although magic truffles are closely related to magic mushrooms, there are some significant differences between the two.

Simply put, the main distinction between truffles and mushrooms is in how they grow. Unlike the visible, above-ground fruiting bodies that we commonly refer to as mushrooms, truffles are the subterranean nodules formed by mycelium. Imagine these lumps as supply depots for bad times; mushrooms store nutrients in sclerotia in case of harsh conditions in the future.


There are some other notable differences between magic truffles and mushrooms when it comes to optimal growing environment, appearance, and potency. Dosing for a trip is usually different as well.


While shrooms require fairly low temperatures, moisture, and a rich supply of nutrients to grow, truffles don’t require as much. Since they grow underground, they normally already get plenty of moisture. The optimal growing temperature for most types of magic truffles is between 21–25°C.


Magic mushroom fruiting bodies have the typical mushroom shape with a stem and cap. Truffles look like irregularly shaped nodules, with some specimens taking on an egg-like shape.


Magic truffles contain the same psychoactive alkaloids as shrooms. In fruiting bodies, the concentration of these substances can vary significantly between species, and can even vary between different parts of the same mushroom.

Truffles don’t have this variation in psychoactive constituents as they consist of only one hom*ogenous body. Curiously, opinions differ on whether truffles are more or less potent than shrooms. Doses for shrooms tend to range from as low as 1g up to 5g for a “heroic” dose. A typical dose of truffles, on the other hand, ranges from 10–15g. But know that this varies depending on how potent your truffle is and whether you’re consuming them fresh or dried.


If you’re checking out smartshops for magic truffles, you can find many different varieties with all kinds of names. The five main types, however, are Mexicana, Tampanensis, Pajaritos, Galindoi, and Utopia. There are also subtypes of these five, like Valhalla and Hollandia. Let’s take a quick look at some varieties below.

Psilocybe Mexicana

This is a Mexican psilocybin truffle with a mild concentration of psychoactive substances. It offers a happy, giggly, and joyful effect. Ideal for beginners!

Mexicana Magic Truffles



Psilocybe Tampanensis

Tampanensis is stronger than the Mexican truffle, but is still considered to have medium potency. When consumed, it provokes deep thought and a sense of peace. A good truffle to take with friends.

Psilocybe Pajaritos

Pajaritos (“little bird”) is more potent than Tampanensis. It’s a very powerful strain that makes for an intense, giggly trip with pronounced physical effects and visuals. Best taken in a quiet, familiar setting.

Pajaritos Magic Truffles



Psilocybe Galindoi and Atlantis

Both Psilocybe Galindoi and Atlantis are more potent than Tampanensis. They make for a long-lasting trip, but with less-pronounced “waves”. Best consumed in a quiet and relaxed setting.

Atlantis Magic Truffles



Psilocybe Utopia

Also called Psilocybe Dragon, this is a very potent truffle that is stronger than Tampanensis, Pajarito, Atlantis, Galindoi, and Mexicana. Produces an extremely heavy trip. A return ticket to Utopia is maybe the best way to describe it. Only for experienced psychonauts!

Psilocybe Hollandia and Valhalla

These are two rare subtypes of truffles created in the Netherlands. They are extremely strong; much more so than other truffle varieties. Valhalla is even stronger than Hollandia. Great for experienced psychonauts who want to go on a profound mind-altering excursion!

Hollandia Magic Truffles




All You Need To Know About Magic Truffles - Zamnesia (11)

The effects of magic truffles and magic mushrooms are quite similar. Although individual experiences can vary, the psychoactive constituents within the fungus tend to induce euphoria, feelings of peace and serenity, and introspection. Users may see geometric patterns and colours become more vivid, and some may experience full-blown hallucinations.

After consuming magic truffles, you should start to notice the effects within 30–60 minutes. The trip can then last anywhere from 3–6 hours. Users often describe the experience as “coming in waves”. In addition to changes in emotional state, people often experience a body high characterised by relaxed muscles.

It is important to know that psychedelics affect everyone differently. While for most a magic truffle trip is a fantastic experience, not everyone can handle such drastic changes to reality. For some, this can cause discomfort or paranoia, symptoms colloquially referred to as a “bad trip”. Although a bad trip can be scary in the moment, it helps to know that the effects of magic truffles are only temporary and will disappear after a few hours. Further below, we’ll review how to properly prepare for a trip, and what to do in case things go south.


If you’re curious about trying magic truffles, here is how and where to get them.

Purchase them online or from a smartshop

If you’re in the Netherlands, you’re in luck. You can get them online and in many smartshops in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands. Feel free to ask the clerk for advice on the effects and strength of the truffles they are selling. Most smartshop employees are quite knowledgeable when it comes to their own selection, because they cater to tourists that usually have plenty of questions.

Magic truffles are sold fresh and ready to eat, so you should not wait to long before consuming them. That being said, it is possible to store them for a few months, should you need to delay your trip.

Buy Magic Truffles

Grow your own

Grow kits, on the other hand, are a different story. These truffles are not purchased ready to eat, but will take a bit of patience and care before you can tuck in. With a magic truffle grow kit, you can easily cultivate your favourite truffles at home. The grow kits have been inoculated a few weeks prior to shipping. Simply harvest your sclerotia 3-5 months after inoculation. The longer you wait, the bigger your sclerotia will be.

One factor to consider before buying or growing magic truffles is the strength of different varieties. If you’re a seasoned psychonaut and feel brave, you may want to try a potent variety. If you’re new to truffles, it is best to start with a milder option.


Believe it or not, there are more ways than one to consume magic truffles. Despite the different methods of administration, each one results in powerful effects.


You can go ahead and eat magic truffles as is, but that’s not for everyone, as their taste isn’t great. The fact that you have to chew them well to release their psychoactive substances doesn’t exactly help matters. Solution: get a truffle grinder!


Brewing a tea from magic truffles will make the taste more mild. Boil some water, crush the desired amount into small pieces, and throw them in. Heat the pan, keeping it close to simmering, but do not bring to a boil. Let rest for some 10–15 minutes. Enjoy!


Add your magic truffles to food. This helps with both the taste and the feeling of nausea. What’s great is that you can add your truffles to many different foods. Just make sure you don’t cook them, as this will destroy the psychoactive substances. Add them to your recipes after preparation.


Grind your magic truffles into a fine powder, and, using a capsule machine, fill them into empty capsules. This helps not only with the bad taste, but also makes dosing truffles discreet and very precise. Recommended method for microdosing!


Magic truffles meet lemon juice in a glass of your choice. Leave to sit, add water, and down all in one go. Benefits: some say that the acid in the lemon makes for a faster onset of effects, as it jump-starts the conversion of non-psychoactive psilocybin into psychoactive psilocin. Plus, it tastes better!

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All You Need To Know About Magic Truffles - Zamnesia (14)

When it comes to taking magic truffles, you want to be very careful of the dose. Take too much, and a bad trip may put you off truffles for life. Dose too small, and there won’t be much of an effect to report. The thing is, the “ideal” dose depends on many factors, such as body weight, desired strength of the experience, and whether you’re taking fresh or dried truffles. To help you there, you can visit our Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator! With this tool, you can find the right dose with just a few clicks!


One of the best ways to increase your chances of a great trip is to make the proper preparations. Here's how to get your psychedelic journey off to the best start possible.


Your magic truffle trip is never going to be the exact same as your friend’s, but that’s okay. It may happen that you spend a good time during the peak just glued to the sofa or sitting in the grass. For others, a trip can inspire them to become active and energetic. You’re taking a psychedelic substance, so expect varying levels of visuals, hallucinations, and all kinds of crazy stuff happening. If you’re afraid of taking psychedelics, or don’t feel like doing so in the moment, simply don’t take them. There will always be another chance in the future.


This is of crucial importance when tripping: mind the set and setting. Turn off your phone and dedicate a chill evening to your experience in a comfortable environment. Don’t trip if you’re anxious or feel otherwise off. Ensure that there is no contact with unexpected sober visitors.

Most importantly, if you’re taking psychedelics, you should do so in the presence of a sober trip-sitter. A trip-sitter is a friend you can trust—someone who knows what you’re experiencing. They can assist you should your trip not go as planned. Most of the time, just the presence of a trip-sitter can help if a trip starts to take a turn for the worse.


Are you feeling alright? You don’t want to trip if you’re ill. And you definitely don’t want to if you have any existing physical or mental conditions. Don’t trip if you’re nervous or have doubts. Tripping on magic truffles and mushrooms tends to augment your current state, rather than mask it, so any negative physical feelings won’t magically subside by taking truffles; quite the opposite.


Make your trip even more comfortable and enjoyable by stocking up on necessities like fresh water and a bunch of cosy blankets. If you know that truffles might make you vomit, have a bucket ready or a bathroom nearby. For a nice atmosphere, choose suitable music. Some cool ambient or stoner rock may go well—your choice. Maybe you’re feeling artsy? Get yourself some art supplies to doodle while you trip.

Although it’s likely that you won’t want to eat during your trip, you may want to when you come down. Have some snacks ready for afterwards.


Aside from cannabis, never take magic truffles or mushrooms with any other drugs—this includes alcohol. Magic truffles make your thoughts jump around at high speed. Not only does alcohol interfere with your motor skills, but it also slows down your reaction time, which can lead to very unpleasant thought loops and a bad trip. Plus, alcohol will dehydrate you.


If a bad trip happens and you have a trip-sitter nearby, they should already be tending to you by gently and calming trying to talk you down. Even if you’re at a loss for words in the moment, just the calming tone and presence of a trip-sitter can be enough to put you at ease. For more information, check out our blog on what to do when you have a bad trip.


Although people typically take psychedelics to experience a mind-altering trip, there is another way to take advantage of magic truffles: microdosing. Microdosing involves taking such a small dose of a substance that you don’t feel any psychedelic effects. Microdosing shouldn’t upset your normal state, and the benefits you experience will be more “sub-perceptual”. Recently, microdosing has become quite popular. People who microdose psychedelics often do so to boost creativity and motivation. Others say it helps uplift the mood.

Original Microdosing Pack



Magic truffles are good for microdosing as they are more hom*ogeneous than shrooms. As such, they’re easier to dose. About 0.5g is a good starter dose when microdosing truffles. The best way to microdose truffles is to take them in capsules. Size “00” capsules hold about 0.5g (500mg) of truffle powder for easy and precise dosing.

All You Need To Know About Magic Truffles - Zamnesia (2024)
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